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Price per user/per month

$18 $23 $29
Mobile Data Collection
Photos tasks
Surveys & audit tasks
Planogram compliance task
Offline/online data capture
Visits/Tasks Scheduling
Planning from office/mobile
Bulk scheduling
Route optimization (office)
Route optimization (mobile)
GPS & Time Tracking
Tagging tasks & photos
Real-time workforce monitoring
Store List
Unlimited store list
Territory management
Assets inventory
Analytics & Reports
Visual analytics tools
BigQuery reports
Photo reports
Timesheets reports
Task results Excel reports
Simple Query reports
GPS reports
Online mobile tools
Full history mobile access
Product Catalogue
Unlimited product list
Product photos
Product divisions
Barcode scanning
Purchase Orders and Returns
Orders/return task
Price lists
Customizable invoicing
Must stock lists
Multimedia Documents
Task attachments
Store attachments
Product attachments & product images
HipChat Messenger integration
VisitBasis Alerts for Visits, Tasks and Locations
Team message billboard
Third party reports notifications
Visit notes email notifications
Role based security
Teams management
Reports sharing with 3rd party
Excel export/import
BigQuery API (ask for a quote)
Email & chat
Telephone* (for clients with 50 licenses or more)
Free on-boarding
VisitBasis works in any country
Bring your own device (BYOD)

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What our customers say about us

We have been using VisitBasis as a company for more than a month now, it is a simple and accessible application understandable for anyone using a smart-phone.

We mainly use it to collect data out in the field (photos, notes). Other functions we use are planning visits and adding all products to the catalogue, this makes building a CRM database really easy.

I highly recommend this to companies who are looking for an easy accessible CRM-software able to work online/offline. The support from VisitBasis is of high quality and from experience you get an answer on your questions within 24 hours.

This software greatly enhances your sales/marketing activities, and will definitely take it to the next level.

Melvin Lazeron

As a owner representing independent grocers in 4 states LF Hill Merchandising Service is always on the lookout for ways to improve efficiency and maximize productivity to our workforce in the field. We came across VisitBasis in the membership directory on the World Alliance for Retail Excellence & Standards website. At first I was not sure that this program was going to suite my needs but decided to give it a try as they offered a free trial with several visits to test the software.

I was instantly impressed with the quality of the video tutorials that teach you to set up and use the program and although I had already scheduled a demo with Paul the CTO of the company, I set to work over the weekend setting up customers, products and tasks for visit execution. I started using the program that Monday morning and by time I had a teleconference with Paul on Friday, I had only a few questions because the tutorials were so well put together that they answered most my questions before hand. I now foresee myself saving hundreds of dollars per year on printer Ink and Paper alone as I can now enter new products with pictures, price points and SRP directly into the software, show it to the customers as I service the store, place an order for them if requested, and track product performance all from my smartphone or tablet. I can also print reports and send audits directly to the brokers and maximize customer service to my clients. Thank you VisitBasis for making my life easier.