Field merchandising gives CPG companies the opportunity to analyze product placement and display in order to maximize sales. All field merchandising activities are intended to induce customers to make a purchase. Therefore field merchandisers perform regular retail visits to help companies stay competitive, making sure that their products are correctly displayed on shelves and also efficiently promoted and always in stock.

Field merchandising software is a tool used by some of the most sophisticated retailers and suppliers for in-store execution. It enables retail management to set up clear targets for merchandisers and allows the instant review of task performance, letting managers make better-informed decisions. Field merchandising software solutions allow companies to streamline business processes, saving time and money and making data easier to collect.

If you are looking for the most efficient way to plan and manage field merchandising activities, start with implementing proper field merchandising software.

VisitBasis field merchandising automation software is a cloud-based, complete mobile retail data collection solution designed to schedule and monitor merchandising activities, maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of your field team automation process. It has all necessary tools for office managers and field merchandisers to perform merchandising activities. Your merchandisers will have all the information they need to succeed at their fingertips and you will be able to monitor the results of merchandising activities in real time.

VisitBasis provides the most complete set of tools for field merchandising audits in one great package. Through the implementation of a structured approach for retail visits and tasks, VisitBasis simplifies data collection and analysis. Due to our field merchandising software’s intuitive design, even the most complex merchandising planning procedures are made simple.

Benefits of field merchandising software for your company:

  • Increase field rep productivity - reduced data-collection time and no time spent on reporting, instant photo-reports and route optimization.
  • Eliminate paperwork – field data is fully synced between field teams and the office.
  • Prevent fraud – target your field activities using time tracking and GPS monitoring features.
  • Boost revenues – product catalog, orders tool.
  • Great usability – easy and efficient app for daily use, user-friendly interface, process-guided task navigation for field reps.

Field merchandising is one of the basic aspects of retail management. VisitBasis field merchandising software lets you easily coordinate all the stages of your retail merchandising operations to improve your retail management and enhance the productivity of your field teams.