15 June 2014

Mobile software for audit. Android, iOS, iPad

Retail audit plays a very important role for brand development and sales improvement, being one of the most important market information sources for FMCG companies. Retail-audit service allows gathering information on market trends, brand’s sales volume, stock levels, and effectiveness of in-store display and promotion efforts. Retail audit provides general market understanding and promotion insights and distribution figures. If you think retail audits can be challenging, try VisitBasis Retail Audit Software to provide a clear, up-to-date picture of retail conditions. With VisitBasis Retail Audit App, you can get:

Real-time Dashboard and Reporting.

VisitBasis generates several types of real-time reports with info on user, customer, visit, task, order, timing and location information.

Live GPS Tracking and Mapping.

All user activity is GPS and time stamped. Collect customer’s signature, timestamp and geolocation to get immediate audit confirmation and/or to comply with regulations. CRM and Territory Management.Robust system and user-friendly Rich Internet Application office interface with multi-team support - build as many outside sales teams as needed. Advanced Map Tools. With tools like “Route Optimization” it is easy to make time for an extra appointment a day. Integration. Export and import all your business information from/to VisitBasis as Excel files or connect directly with your back-office system. High Performance Level, Globally. Since VisitBasis is a Google Cloud implementation, you can count on the best service availability even if your company is multinational and runs in different countries and time zones.

Try the best way to manage, track and execute retail audits and inspections today! Just register account at www.visitbasis.com and start field sales force automation free!

Mobile data collection app for Retail Execution. Field reps' software

VisitBasis Retail Execution is a complete mobile data collection solution designed to build, schedule and monitor field team activities in real time. It provides tools for all types of field activities, including merchandising, field marketing, field sales, auditing, inspections, mystery shopping, surveying, POS asset management, training, sampling, and product demonstrations, among others.