14 January 2015

Merchandising software. Mobile data collection for field activities. Android, iOS, iPad

The New Year has started and with it comes the anxiety over sales figures for the post-Christmas season. But how can merchandising operations increase the effectiveness of retail campaigns and try to overcome the naturally lower-paced market?

Beyond having a strategy in place, merchandising operations needs to make sure that these retail campaigns are implemented in a consistent and successful way, and VisitBasis Merchandising App can help businesses achieve just that.

By providing real-time tracking and monitoring of in-store merchandising activities along with advanced task building, visit planning and scheduling, and CRM capabilities, among others, VisitBasis helps merchandising management take control over what is happening in the field and make sure that retail campaigns are appropriately implemented and followed through.

See for yourself how VisitBasis can help your merchandising operations - sign up today at www.visitbasis.com! Free downloads on Google Play and App Store for any number of users!

Mobile data collection app for Retail Execution. Field reps' software

VisitBasis Retail Execution is a complete mobile data collection solution designed to build, schedule and monitor field team activities in real time. It provides tools for all types of field activities, including merchandising, field marketing, field sales, auditing, inspections, mystery shopping, surveying, POS asset management, training, sampling, and product demonstrations, among others.