03 February 2015

Merchandising App. Mobile data collection App. Android and IOS

Merchandising is a business activity that traditionally demands quite a bit of natural resources: There is a lot of people, locations and reporting involved, and this translates into a considerable amount of fuel and paper being used.

But how can companies implement sustainability strategies when it comes to merchandising, especially considering that, when it comes to the impact on sales numbers, marketing and sales stimulation activities at or around the point-of-sale (PoS) are as important as the attributes of the product being sold.

They can start by adopting an effective mobile data collection system, that will allow field merchandising teams to perform in-store activities on their smartphones or tablets and virtually eliminate the use of paper.

There are several such systems on the market these days, but a good system that promotes sustainability should provide the following features:

  • Route optimization to reduce travel distances and time and GPS tracking and monitoring, with geo and time-stamped information on the field activities;
  • Offline and online use, so mobile users can work even when without an Internet connection, and not resource to paper alternatives;
  • Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and multi-system compatibility (iOS/Android), so there is no need to purchase additional hardware.

The VisitBasis Mobile App allows for in-store execution of merchandising activities, field activities, including photo tasks, planogram compliance checks, surveys, audits and inspections, data collection and signature capture, among others. It helps merchandising teams become more sustainable and cost-effective as it saves time and money by virtually eliminating paperwork and reducing time and distance travelled by field reps.

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