01 March 2015

Field rep team management app. Android and IOS

Field force automation refers to the use of technology to capture field sales data in real time. This involves use wireless devices, tablets and smartphones to capture data. The information is transferred immediately to back end systems through Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G.

So, field force automation avoids manual double entry data errors, reduces time delays, and enhances field force productivity. Availability of field data in real time allows planning delivery schedules, reducing inventory and monitor and controlling the field reps.

Field sales is one of the most important business units in companies of all sizes, since its one objective is to generate increasing revenues. Therefore, an effective mobile sales solution needs to empower outside sales reps not only with the ability for placing mobile orders, but also with the support for opening new territories by acquiring new customers and obtaining new business from existing ones.

VisitBasis is a complete mobile sales automation solution: It improves communication between sales management and the field so outside reps can have all the tools they need to succeed at their fingertips. And there is no need to invest in new hardware since the VisitBasis app works on most smartphones and tablets.

With VisitBasis Sales Automation Solution field reps are able to:

  • Place orders and supply call-related information from wherever they are
  • Calculate the best route for the day, saving time and travel costs
  • Have access to customer and product databases, including the ability of adding new customers

Create an account at www.visitbasis.com and start building your retail inspection solution free. Free downloads from Google Play and App Store for any number of users!

Visitbasis field activity Mobile Reps Apps. Android and IOS

VisitBasis Sales Force Automation App equips your office managers with all the tools necessary to manage sales reps’ territories, customers, products. Sign up now at www.visitbasis.com and start your sales force automation today!