07 April 2015

VisitBasis - mobile merchandising software

Outside sales reps perform regular retail visits to help consumer packaged goods companies stay competitive by making sure that their products are correctly displayed on shelves and also efficiently promoted and always in stock.

Outside sales are constantly on the go, so they need CRM and sales productivity tools to be available wherever they go. The VisitBasis Outside Sales App gives field representatives easy access to all sales data and tools required to perform in-store activities and allows them to collect critical information for store performance analysis.

CRM Features:

  • Customer assets info with photos
  • Customer contacts
  • All address details
  • Map view
  • Customer properties and attached documents
  • History of visits

Visits and Tasks Features:

  • Convenient calendar for visit viewing and planning
  • Auto routing, manual routing
  • Adding unplanned visits from a mobile device
  • Notes (Add/receive as many visit notes as you like use this list to communicate with the office effectively)
  • All activities are tracked automatically, no need to start/end button
  • Photo-reports

Orders/Returns Features:

  • This is built-in task and always available
  • Send email with Order/Return details
  • Recommended quality is shown, total weight, USD amount and price
  • Sort by All, Basket, MSL or New
  • Barcode Search

General Features

  • Intuitive User Interface is used on both iOS and Android platforms
  • Support for any languages automatically
  • Offline mode
  • One user can use unlimited number of devices and use both iOS and Android platform the same time
  • Auto Sync
  • Fast Data exchange
  • Zero config

VisitBasis uses the latest mobile technology to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your outside sales team: your mobile reps will have all the information they need to succeed at their fingertips and you will be able to monitor the results in real time. Outside sales reps can access from anywhere product catalogs and price data, merchandising and promotional information, place orders and returns, and communicate with the office. All the tools for outside sales reps are equally as powerful and functional on a mobile device as it is on your desktop. The VisitBasis Outside Sales App works seamlessly across iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones and tablets. There is no limit on the number of devices each user can carry, so your team can bring their own devices and be more effective. They will save time on training by using the devices that they already know and you save on hardware costs.

Start outside sales automation today! To get your free trial register at www.visitbasis.com or request a demo to learn more about how it works.

Visitbasis - Retail Audit App

To try our data collection software for free register at www.visitbasis.com and download the VisitBasis Retail Audit App FREE on Google Play or App Store. To learn more about how our field merchandising system works request a demo or check the links below to watch the demo videos.