14 April 2015

A retail audit checklist allows you to organize your walk-through. Regular retail audits allow to investigate a company’s goals and strategy and also give you a reading on customers’ reactions to your product that translate into their satisfaction and loyalty.

When choosing a party responsible for retail data collection in your organization, keep in mind that retail audit software allows companies to conduct their own retail audits with highly professional approach to the auditing process.

Gathering audit data using retail audit software allows retailers to conduct retail audits in a more efficient and cost-effective way due to optimization of scheduling, developing audit forms, field reps monitoring and retail data analysis. Adopting retail audit software provides automating store data collection using mobile devices, minimizing mistakes and avoiding awkward data re-entry.


When it comes to scheduling, retail audit software allows companies easily organize the schedule of visits for any period of time and improve your field team bottom-line by reducing their time traveling to appointments, planning routes and accessing information. Adopting retail audit software provides automating store data collection using mobile devices, minimizing mistakes and avoiding awkward data re-entry.

Task Templates

Retail audit software allows developing various data collection forms for everything that needs to be checked. Group questions into tasks and set up retail audit checklist according to the areas that have to be audited.

Keep in mind, that retail audit software allows you to completely automate retail checklist’s basic information like task titles, store name and location, field reps names, data forms. In this case all information is derived from the corporate database and the schedule for field reps is built using customized tasks for each visit.

In-Store Data Collection

Empowered with a mobile retail audit application your field reps can perform retail store audits with ease using their tablet or smartphone. Most field representatives already have one of these devices so you don’t need to spent money on hardware or software license purchase. Simply have them upload a retail audit app with a customizable retail audit forms, and start receiving real-time, highly accurate retail audit data.

Retail Data Analysis

Fraudulent check-ins by field merchandisers and reps is one of the most common issues faced by the business and up until recently difficult to deal with, since noticing something wrong meant going in detail through loads of paperwork. Retail audit software virtually eliminates fraudulent check-ins among retail audit teams by allowing supervisors to track and monitor each field rep’s activities in real time and by GPS and time-stamping every activity.

Retail audit software solutions provide team leaders with an opportunity to receive instant reports and manage operational priorities in real time. The web-based dashboards and reports help you identify productive employees and perform workflow analysis, taking informed strategic decisions using reliable up-to-date data. To learn more about how to create your retail audit checklists using retail audit software, visit www.visitbasis.com.

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