05 May 2015

VisitBasis - Field reps App. Mobile data collection software, Android, iOS

Commonly, while monitoring sales teams activities companies have to rely on sales data and paper reports provided by field representatives. Therein field team managers often get inaccurate or undue information from the field reps including data errors, lost paperwork, fraudulent reports, and improper use of the working hours.

The development of mobile technology has opened up the new opportunities of field team management, including real-time GPS-monitoring of field reps on the map, time-stamped data, and instant reporting and analytics. Using a software solution for field force automation you can optimize field team management and increase productivity of your field reps. Here are some tips to increase the efficiency of field team management.

  • Select the right field team players. Choose self-motivated and results-driven individuals with good communication skills.
  • Set up clear goals and objectives for you field sales team. The goals may vary significantly from the increase in sales to enhanced customer loyalty.
  • Define key performance indicators to analyze how well field reps activities are supporting the company‚Äôs goals. The indicators should be aligned to goals, measurable and achievable.
  • Intensify communication by going mobile. Make sure your field representatives have instant access to necessary information and are able to report on complicated issues immediately.
  • Use digital tools to streamline data workflow. Adopt an easy-to-use and affordable field team management solution to evaluate field reps activities through GPS and real time dashboards and reports.

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Visitbasis - field reps management app.Field team activity supervision

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