17 June 2015

VisitBasis - Retail execution and mobile data collection software.

VisitBasis is a great mobile retail audit system that can really help you increase your retail audits efficiency. VisitBasis offers customers the ultimate capabilities to increase the efficiency of retail operations and improve field reps productivity.

Improving retail audit efficiency in the field. As soon as retail audit software solution is downloaded on retail inspectors’ tablets or smartphones, they are empowered with a complete set of tools and opportunities to collect and transfer store data. Field reps don’t have to remember specific details, because they are enabled to get any information about schedule, points-of-sales, customers and products from their mobile devices. Combining this with flexible forms, photo-reports, bar-code scanner, text notes, electronic signature, gives retail auditors the ability to perform tasks more quickly and efficiently.

Improving back-office efficiency. Using retail audit software field managers get precise real-time information from the field with activity dashboards and reports. Eliminating paper-records and awkward data re-entry can significantly improve field managers’ efficiency. All field activity is GPS confirmed and time stamped and automatically synced so field managers get immediate retail visit confirmation and can analyze all the data collected applying sophisticated data filters and getting the exact information that is needed at the moment.

People who really know what retail audit operations are have designed VisitBasis retail audit software to simplify store data collection and analysis and made it affordable for any company. The VisitBasis Lite is completely free for any number of users and allows starting retail auditing automation at no risk and no up-front costs. All you have to do to get your free retail audit software is to register at www.visitbasis.com.

VisitBasis - Field mobile retail data collection app, www.visitbasis.com

VisitBasis retail audit software is extremely easy to deploy – and you can start it completely free. Just register with VisitBasis just register free account at www.visitbasis.com, then download VisitBasis Retail Audit App FREE on Google Play or App Store and start working.

To learn more about how our field merchandising system works request a demo or check the links below to watch the demo videos.