18 June 2015

VisitBasis - Retail audit checklist.

  1. Simplify the process of scheduling. Traditional scheduling is a time-consuming and burdensome process for a field team manager. It usually involves creating a list of store visits, filling out paper forms for field reps, or using general-purpose calendar application. Using retail audit software you can easily organize the schedule of visits for any period of time and improve your field team’s bottom-line by reducing time traveling to appointments, planning routes and accessing information.

  2. Automate field reps notification of the scheduled appointments. Generally field reps receive the appointment schedule during a visit to the office, or via an email, or a phone call. Traveling to the office to receive tasks takes time and reduces field reps’ productivity. After field reps receive the schedule of visits and the list of tasks to be performed at each point-of-sale they have to find out their routes all by themselves using a map application or a GPS-navigator.With retail audit software all the visits and tasks are instantly displayed in tablets and smartphones of field reps due to automatic synchronization. Field reps can view all the information about every point-of-sale, including location, contacts, history of visits, map location. Field reps can always optimize their day route at the click of a button to make sure they have the shortest path between locations.

  3. Get live retail visit confirmation. As a rule field reps notify field team managers of the fact of arrival at a point-of-sale by a phone call, a SMS, or marking the time of arrival in a paper report. When implementing a retail audit software solution field reps are being monitored on the map in real time. Field team managers can see their routes, the arrival time, and time spent at each point-of-sale.

  4. Streamline data workflow while minimizing mistakes and time taken to perform tasks. Field reps usually collect store data completing paper forms, which are then to be transferred to the office for manual data reentry to the corporate database. A more advanced way is filling in a Word or an Excel form and e-mailing it to the office. Retail audit software allows automated data entry using a tablet or a smartphone. All the data collected at stores is automatically transferred to corporate database and is available for integration with company’s back-end system, export or analysis. Mobile forms allow to collect data very quickly and accurate eliminating paperwork and minimizing mistakes.

  5. Get custom reports based on actual retail audit data. Nine times out of ten field team managers try to compile the information across paper forms or Excel spreadsheets, manually entering data to corporate database. After data entry is finished managers often don’t have time and enthusiasm to analyze big amount of data from all the stores. With retail audit software all the data collected at points-of-sale is instantly available for analysis. Use Google API and BigQuery access to your data to get ultimate custom reports and dashboards in seconds. Apply sophisticated filters to get the exact information you need. The reports can be easily exported to corporate database.

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