23 June 2015

VisitBasis - Sales Rep App. Retail execution and mobile data collection software.

Looking for a way to improve your field reps productivity? Start implementing field sales automation software to manage your field sales teams more intelligently. Field reps software was designed to simplify ordering process, helping field reps driving faster time to perform retail visits. Field sales automation tools allow your field reps to be more targeted with their time, spending more hours negotiating with customers and driving larger order size. Making store data collection less manual gives your field reps an opportunity to drive greater efficiency and improve your company’s bottom line.

VisitBasis field sales automation software allows you to manage territories among your field reps, schedule and plan visits, optimize field reps routes to reduce their downtime. VisitBasis Retail Execution App helps to automate most of the time-consuming tasks such as collecting data at points-of-sale, managing orders and returns, and making reports. The VisitBasis retail execution tools allow field reps to perform all sales-related activities on the go, virtually eliminating paperwork, increasing customer-facing time and reducing sales cycles. With VisitBasis, your field sales reps are able to:

  • Have all the information they need to succeed at their fingertips, including customer and product information
  • Calculate the best route for the day, saving time and travel costs
  • Place orders and supply call-related information from their smartphones or tablets (iOs and Android)

VisitBasis offers your field reps the following advantages to facilitate order taking and to provide better customer service:

  • Real-time access to data – Your field reps always have mobile access to all customer data including address and location on the map, contacts, assets, attachments like images, videos, Word, Excel, PDF, order history, price lists, recommended quantities; and product information, such as photos, weight, unit type, quantity per pack. It makes much easier to find the required data and allows field reps to be more effective.
  • Fast and convenient data entry. Data collection automation empowers your field reps with all the variety of tools and information to perform data collection tasks, and gives them ability to access and update data from anywhere. This enhances field reps productivity and allows you to use your field force for more rewarding work. Using the app you field reps can also collect orders on the go spending such a short time as possible.
  • Automated reporting. All the data collected by field reps is automatically transferred to the corporate database. There is no need to go to the office to provide the report. All the data from points of sale that is displayed through the VisitBasis dashboards is GPS confirmed and time-stamped.

To get your free access to field sales automation software register at www.visitbasis.com.

VisitBasis is a complete mobile retail audit software solution. It is a Cloud-based SaaS solution for retail audits that allows field operations managers to oversee all stages of the retail audit from assigning territories and scheduling visits to immediately retrieving results through VisitBasis online dashboard and reports. Start you retail sales automation completely free today after registering at www.visitbasis.com.

VisitBasis - Field mobile retail data collection app, www.visitbasis.com

VisitBasis retail audit software is extremely easy to deploy – and you can start it completely free. Just register with VisitBasis just register free account at www.visitbasis.com, then download VisitBasis Retail Audit App FREE on Google Play or App Store and start working.

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