08 July 2015

In order to get access to the digital methods of retail data collection a company has to purchase some kind of merchandising software solution. It usually consists of a web application and a mobile app allowing your merchandisers to collect data using their tablets and smartphones and your office managers to monitor and analyze field team activities using web-based dashboards and reports. 

Pricing is one of the first things that is usually taken into consideration while choosing a merchandising software solution. There are different types of merchandising software pricing models. In a Subscription Model, a company pays a fee on a recurring basis to access software as an online service. It is usually a flat rate for the services provided, charged monthly or annually. Sometimes a one-time setup fee may incur. It should be noted that the Subscription model is not typical for SaaS merchandising solutions, unlike the Pay-Per-User and Pay-As-You-Go pricing models.

Some of the providers offer free trial or even free premium pricing models that offer core services or features for free and charges a premium for more sophisticated components, so you can decide whether to implement the software or not without any investment.

Pay-Per-User or Pay-As-You-Go

The Pay-Per-User pricing implies that a company pays a certain amount, usually per month for each user that needs access to the application. A variation of the Pay-Per-User pricing model is the Pay-Per-Multiple-User pricing model, in which a separate cost is incurred for a specified number of users.

Some SaaS providers also differentiate office-users and field-team members, so the pricing may vary. According to estimates, the price range is $10-$65/month per field rep and $50-$75/month per office user with $500 setup fee (The Expert Guide to Buying Field Service Management Software). In the Pay-Per-User pricing model, additional fees may incur for technical support, customer service, and updates.

The Pay-As-You-Go pricing model is a usage-based model in which companies only pay for what they use, with no recurring or base fees. Companies are only required to pay for the actual volume of resources consumed. In case of field reps management a company pays for number of visits performed by field reps. In this case price typically depends on the volume of executed visits. Sometimes, the software provider might charge a minimum monthly usage fee. 

Both models have their own advantages that should be considered while choosing a type of pricing. The Pay-Per-User model is good for accurate budget planning and calculating the expected costs. The Pay-As-You-Go model allows for more flexible pricing, so a company can start data collection automation with fewer up-front risks.

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