29 July 2015

If the top priority for your business is to maximize sales, then you definitely should concentrate your efforts on maximizing your field reps sales potential. Your field sales team is the most important productivity engine that provides the overall effectiveness of sales process. 

If you want to increase productivity and effectiveness of your field reps, you need to provide your sales team with the right technology and tools to stay ahead the competitors and meet customer needs. Here are some of the best practices we have seen for maximizing your field reps sales potential:
  • Give your field reps the up-to-date mobile devices. Instead of relying on paper of bulky laptops, invest in tablets and smartphones. Modern mobile devices such as as iPads, iPhones and Android tablets and smartphones, allow your field reps to have mobile access to corporate data. Empowered with sleek mobile devices, your field sales reps are able to quickly access product catalog, presentations, videos, history of orders and returns and etc., having all the information they need for successful sales. With tablets and smartphones even the simple operation, like email on the go, becomes faster, allowing your field reps to spend more time with customers and maximize their sales potential.
  • Utilize the right sales tools. Today there are many useful business apps for tablets and smartphones that enable your field reps to optimize sales procedures. If you want to organize field sales team workflow in a centralized place, it’s reasonable to adopt a field team management solution to help your field reps sell better and faster. Field reps applications provide all the tools for field sales on mobile devices, making retail execution a breeze. Automated data-entry, electronic order forms and real-time data exchange with the office: all of this represent the excellent means to maximize your field sales reps potential. When your field reps don’t have to spend time on filling-out paper forms, completing reports or visiting the office to get the schedule, they can concentrate on sales better then ever.
  • Collaborate through the Cloud. Cloud technology not only allows getting the best service availability and high-speed data exchange, but also provides unique opportunities for sales team collaboration worldwide. Adopting a Cloud solution for field team management is particularly important if your company is multinational and runs in different countries and time zones. Cloud solutions encourage field team members to share their results and experience, making reps feel connected to the rest of the team. Being on the Cloud also makes it possible for field sales reps to work offline, and the system will automatically synchronize once an Internet connection is established.

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