05 August 2015

Achieving efficient retail performance requires a retail execution solution that streamlines data workflow and fosters decision-making. Here at VisitBasis, we’ve focused on delivering a system that integrates completely with every process in field sales. VisitBasis is a mobile data collection and field representative management software for businesses with field merchandising, field sales and store audits operations.

Besides the fact that VisitBasis is the only free retail audit and store execution software on the market, our software solution also stands out from the competition due to the unique set of features that makes retail execution a breeze. So, when deciding which software is the best for your field service management, consider if it has the following features to get a useful application.
  • All-in-one, niche-integrated solution – VisitBasis is designed to meet the market demand for scheduling field sales activities including CRM, processing orders, reporting and analyzing of field sales performance. VisitBasis was actually designed by retail professionals and it has all the variety of necessary tools to cover all the stages of the retail execution process, from assigning territories and planning, to analyzing retail performance and creating reports. Because our data structure is really sophisticated, it’s possible to create very specific tasks and run comprehensive reports really quickly. With BigQuery technology VisitBasis Simple query reports can filter millions of records less than in 3 seconds.
  • Easy to use and intuitive – The VisitBasis retail execution software runs in a browser (office application), and works seamlessly on tablets and smartphones. After you create your account with VisitBasis, you will be up and running in just a few minutes. Your employees will be able to use their own mobile devices to perform tasks, so you don’t have to invest in hardware or training, because the VisitBasis interface is really simple and intuitive.
  • Cloud-based – VisitBasis runs in the Cloud, which means getting access to your corporate data anytime, anywhere from any device. All the data, collected in the field is instantly available in the office. VisitBasis provides the opportunity to quickly exchange huge volumes of data – our customers collect 70-100 photos per user per day using the VisitBasis mobile app.
  • Offline capabilities – Offline mode is truly support on our Mobile app. The VisitBasis App is working great in all countries where the Internet connection is not stable. One of the biggest mobile app differentiator is replication of the data. Field reps are able to use as many devices as they like, and all of them will have identical data including photos and attachments pushed to them. This allows them to continue their work they left off without loosing productivity.

VisitBasis provides the most complete set of tools for your business in one great package. Through the implementation of a structured approach for retail visits and tasks, VisitBasis simplifies data collection and analysis. Sign up now for a free trial of our comprehensive mobile retail execution solution that aims to increase sales and reduce costs, improving the bottom-line of merchandising, field sales and retail audit companies.

To try our data collection software for free register at www.visitbasis.com and download the VisitBasis Retail Audit App FREE on Google Play or App Store. To learn more about how our field merchandising system works request a demo or check the links below to watch the demo videos.