25 September 2015

Looking for a simple and powerful mobile ordering system? VisitBasis Field Sales makes orders fast and easy using Android and iOS tablets and smartphones and provides wide capabilities to service your customers’ needs.

Built-in bar-code scanner allows field reps to add items to an order by simply scanning. Automated product selection reduces time for product search, while minimizing mistakes. When order is complete, it’s instantly available at the office for further processing due to automatic synchronization. Customer database and product catalog allow field reps to quickly access the information on points of sale, products, prices, recommended quantities, and must stock lists. Using VisitBasis Field Sales App for order taking, your field reps are always able to view previous orders and returns, identify past out-of-stock patterns to get data-driven insights for the next orders. VisitBasis Field Sales App also allows managing price lists and discounts and adding text notes to orders. All orders are GPS-confirmed and signed electronically.

VisitBasis Field Sales App is a comprehensive retail execution solution that is not limited by your order taking needs. Having VisitBasis App on their tablets and smartphones, your field reps are able to conduct retail audits, market research, and customer survey, perform merchandising activities, make photo reports, manage inventory levels, and analyze competitors. VisitBasis Retail Execution system is a great all-in-one solution for field service-based CPG and FMCG companies.

VisitBasis - Mobile data collection. Merchandising Solution and field rep automatization tool.

Ready to take your planograms and retail space planning to the next level? Start you retail sales automation completely free today after registering at www.visitbasis.com. Check our Planogram Checks With VisitBasis Guide, or read our previous articles on planogram compliance checks.

VisitBasis - Field mobile retail data collection app, www.visitbasis.com

Top Features for Field Reps

Purchase Orders and Returns

Orders/return task                                 
Price lists                             
Customizable invoicing                                   
Must stock lists

Product Catalogue

Unlimited product list                              
Product photos                             
Product divisions                                   
Barcode scanning 

Store List

Unlimited store list                                  
Territory management                           
Assets inventory                           

Mobile Data Collection

Photos tasks                                 
Surveys & audit tasks                            
Planogram compliance task                            
Offline/online data capture

Multimedia Documents

Task attachments                                  
Store attachments                                 
Product attachments & product images

Top Features for Sales Managers and Supervisors

Visits/Tasks Scheduling

Planning from office/mobile                             
Bulk scheduling                            
Route optimization 

GPS & Time Tracking

Tagging tasks & photos                                  
Real-time workforce monitoring                               

Analytics & Reports

Visual analytics tools                             
BigQuery reports                                   
Photo reports                                
Timesheets reports                                
Task results Excel reports                              
Simple Query reports                             
GPS reports                                                             
Full history mobile access 


Role-based security                               
Teams management                              
Reports sharing with 3rd party


Excel export/import                                
REST API                    
BigQuery API

VisitBasis retail audit software is extremely easy to deploy – and you can start it completely free. Just register with VisitBasis just register free account at www.visitbasis.com, then download VisitBasis Retail Audit App FREE on Google Play or App Store and start working.

To learn more about how our field merchandising system works request a demo or check the links below to watch the demo videos.