30 September 2015

The opportunity to view complex information in a visual format cannot be underestimated. Integrating visual content into your retail execution process improves efficiency and drives engagement, working the same way as in social media and on TV screens. If your field reps are obliged to make photo reports, the chance they’ll manage shelves as good as they can is bigger.

The most effective way to integrate visual content into your retail execution process is to adopt a comprehensive mobile data collection software solution for retail audits, merchandising activities and field sales. Of course, you can empower your field reps with digital photo cameras, so they can make photo reports at points of sale, but in today’s mobile world it’s not reasonable to buy separate devices for work that can be done using employees’ smartphones. Still, when your reps use cameras, built in their mobile devices, for reporting, it’s necessary to transfer the data into corporate database and streamline all the photos manually, which is time-consuming and ineffective.

Retail execution software makes attaching photos to task performance reports a breeze, allowing streamlined visual data workflow and instant reporting without spending anyone’s time at all. As soon as a photo is made, it is automatically transferred to a corporate database, so managers and supervisors can always have real-time picture of retail conditions. All photos, taken by field reps, are geotagged and time stamped, which eliminates fraudulent reporting.

The other benefit of retail execution software is that it makes visual data exchange reversible. The up-to-data software solutions for retail execution allow supplementing task templates with images, PDFs, presentations and even video files. You can also manage electronic product catalog with photos of items attached, or add photos of assets and planograms to customer’s information. All this data is instantly available on your field reps’ tablets and smartphones from anywhere.

Ready to move your retail execution into the next level? Enhance your merchandising and retail auditing with visual content using VisitBasis Retail Execution Software. VisitBasis provides companies an opportunity to integrate visual content into retail execution process, streamlining visual data workflow and allowing managers always have clear picture of what is going on at each retail location.

VisitBasis Retail Execution Software allows you to manage your visual information in the following ways:
  • Add photos to product information
  • Add images of customer assets to customer catalog
  • Attach as many visual content (images, PDFs, presentations, video) to customer as you like
  • Use photo as the required type of answer for store visit task templates
  • See the task execution results, all task answers including photos and signatures as the data becomes available during the day
  • Review task log for last minute comments/photos related to performing the task
  • Analyze store performance using time stamped and GPS-confirmed photos
The most important thing about VisitBasis Retail Execution Software is that it's a Cloud implementation, which allows transferring big amounts of data, like images and videos, very quickly. Unlimited photos can be collected and uploaded to the office, and field reps have access to visual data offline and can execute tasks without an Internet connection. Our clients collect 70-100 photos per user per day using VisitBasis Retail Execution mobile app.

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