17 November 2015

A strong company culture is affiliated with most high-performing organizations. The opposite is also true – driving your field team to perform at its peak requires building a strong company culture.
When it comes to field team management, making sure that remote employees share company’s goals and priorities is paramount. Below you’ll find some useful steps to take in order for company culture to do well in the field.
  • Set up and share the basics. Define the mission, common language, values, and standards and make sure all the remote employees have a clear picture of them. Everything should feel authentic and inspirational. Great company culture needs a kind of informational field, which provides common language, common values, and common standards for remote employees. Today with the development of mobile technologies it’s much easier to develop corporate communication channels and communicate effectively with mobile workforce. Field team management software allows creating a unique corporate framework, in which managers and field reps work together. Empowering your outside employees with a field sales app for tablets and smartphones allows field reps to have all the data you want them to have, literally at their fingertips and automatically drives engagement.
  • Communicate effectively. Developing a culture is impossible without communication. Field reps should be able to share their ideas and get response. A comprehensive field team management solution provides instant two-way communication between back-office and the field, which can be structured and organized into team groups if needed. Use corporate messengers or emails to thank field reps for the job done, instantly encourage more of good performance, or make timely remarks to give employees the opportunity to quickly correct the situation. Publicly acknowledge your field team contributions using corporate communication channels.
  • Engage field reps in planning and decision-making. Engaging your field reps in planning and decision making, asking for their input, and using their ideas are the best ways to maintain a sense of ownership for each employee. Empowered with a mobile app for retail execution, your field team members can even plan their schedule and tasks by their own, adding retail visits from mobile devices and optimizing routes for the workday to minimize travel time. Field team management software for tablets and smartphones allows mobile access to the history of visits and retail analytics, so your field reps can have reliable information at their fingertips to make data-driven decisions. 
Having a great company culture provides increased employee engagement, strengthened company image, and better customer service. A strong and clear culture gives your field team members the proper framework to fit in, which is important as company grows and in becomes harder to communicate everything.

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