27 November 2015

Traditional field team management can’t give you an answer, what your field sales reps are doing at this very moment. By implementing a certain kind of field team management solution and empowering your field reps with a mobile app for retail execution, you get an opportunity to literally see what your reps see at retail locations and get timely GPS-confirmed data as soon as visits and tasks are being performed.

Using field sales mobile app allows your field reps to get access to all the data and tools needed to perform store visits. Field team management software comes with the ability to create mobile forms for everything that needs to be checked, so your field sales reps can perform all their duties using just their tablets or smartphones. Here is the list of the most important things your field reps can do during a retail visit.
  1. Manage visits and tasks, having mobile access to visits scheduled by the office and being able to add visits and tasks from mobile devices.
  2. Manage customer and product databases, having access to all the information about products and retail locations, including multimedia attachments (planograms, presentations, contracts, photos), price lists, multi-stock lists, assets, contact information and more.
  3. Optimize routes to get the shortest pace for the workday and minimize travel time and expenses.
  4. Place product orders and returns that are instantly visible at the office. Barcode scanner, automated data entry, multi-stock list and customizable invoices make short work of selling. Your field reps can view prior order quantities and order history on their mobile devices to create an order that makes sense.
  5. Check out in-store and shelf positions of products, parameters of the layout, pricing, stock availability to make sure your products are in the right place, at the right price, at the right time, and always available to customers. Customizable task templates and automatic synchronization allow your field sales reps to easily collect data and instantly report back without spending a minute.
  6. Perform competitor analysis to see, where exactly your competitors’ products are located and how they are priced, so you can get a good indication of industry leaders marketing strategies.
  7. Report point-of-sale status and employee knowledge. Using a field sales app your field reps can easily report the cleanliness of a point-of-sales, store equipment condition and employee knowledge about your product to give you information on how retailers take care of the products they sell.
  8. Control promotions and manage POS materials. Field sales app allows your field reps to make sure the promotions are being followed in compliance with the marketing strategy and promotional displays, floor stickers, posters and others POS materials are properly used at retail locations. 

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