09 December 2015

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Field marketing is differentiated from other marketing activities because it is face-to-face direct marketing. Field marketing is an essential component of business activity both for small companies all the way up to transnational corporations though it provides great opportunities for brand development and markets.

Field marketing comprises all marketing activities that aimed to connect with consumers, including merchandising, mystery shopping, auditing, direct selling promotions, street promotions, handing out flyers, sampling, demonstrating and more. Individually or combined, these activities can significantly increase the brand’s return on investment.

Managing such a great variety of activities is not a simple task. Planning and scheduling, territory management, customer relationships, sales figures, and marketing data from multiple retail locations – it often looks like too many balls in the air. Field marketing managers constantly face a great number of challenges including weak feedback, slow data workflow, significant time gaps between field marketing events and reports, data errors and lost paperwork, fraudulent reports, and so on. Therefore managing of field marketing activities is often really expensive for companies.

The good news is that today all marketing activities in the field can be automated, so they can be performed in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Implementing a field marketing software solution allows a company to aggregate all the marketing data in one place and remotely manage field representatives, getting real-time marketing data insights. The up-to-date field marketing software solutions provide field representatives with an opportunity to gather all types of marketing data using their tablets and smartphones, and their managers – to manage mobile workforce from anywhere, monitor in real time all data-collection activities and perform analytic reports with just a few clicks.

Customizable task templates and automatic synchronization allow your field sales reps to easily collect marketing data and instantly report back without spending a minute. Mobile data collection forms, built-in photo reports and data capture tools, such as bar code scanner and electronic signature, allow gathering marketing information very quickly, while minimizing mistakes. Below you’ll find some examples of field marketing activities that can be automated by virtue of a field marketing software solution.

  • Merchandising – Check out in-store and shelf positions of products, parameters of the layout, pricing, stock availability to make sure your products are in the right place, at the right price, at the right time, and always available to customers.
  • Competitor’s research – Perform competitor analysis to see, where exactly your competitors’ products are located and how they are priced, so you can get a good indication of industry leaders marketing strategies.
  • Point-of-sale status – Using a field marketing app your field reps can easily report the cleanliness of a point-of-sales, store equipment condition and employee knowledge about your brand getting information on how retailers take care of the products they sell.
  • In-store Promotions – Field marketing software allows your field reps to report that promotions are being followed in compliance with the marketing strategy and promotional displays, floor stickers, posters and others POS materials are properly used at retail locations.

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