05 January 2016

Adopting a retail execution software solution is the best way to win in today’s hyper-competitive market. VisitBasis retail execution software equips your managers with activity planning, real-time monitoring of mobile workforce, and control over all retail execution operations in the field, while your field reps get easy-to-use but powerful tools to perform merchandising audits on their tablets and smartphones. Below you’ll find 5 ways to optimize your retail execution by virtue of a retail execution software solution.

  1. Improve customer relations – When your field reps always have access to customer database via their mobile devices, it’s easier for them to provide higher level of customer service, paying attention to specific needs and requirements of each store. With retail execution software your managers can easily display all your customer stores on a map, manage territories, assign customers to field reps with just a click and view retail execution activities live on the map to react quickly to situations that require their attention.
  2. Simplify scheduling – VisitBasis retail execution software makes scheduling retail visits a breeze. Managers can plan retail visits in bulk for any number of reps and periods of time, or clone the existing schedule, if necessary. All the information on scheduled visits is instantly available on field reps’ tablets and smartphones.
  3. Streamline retail data collection – Empowered with VisitBasis retail execution software, your field reps can capture various types of data, including time-stamped and GPS-confirmed photos, information on product location, prices, and stock-levels, customer satisfaction, employee knowledge, promotional compliance and more, while minimizing mistakes and being more effective.
  4. Get real-time visibility – VisitBasis retail execution software allows monitoring of all field activities and instant reporting on data collected, photos taken, order placed and issues raised. When using a retail execution software solution, you can see what your reps see at stores provide feedback and update tasks if necessary. Your field reps do not need to visit the office to provide report, as all the data collected is synced with corporate database.
  5. Provide instant analytics – Retail data becomes increasingly easier to analyze with VisitBasis retail execution software. When it comes to transforming retail data into information, retail execution is one of the most complete and easy-to-use retail data collection systems on the market, which provides customers with different ways of data analysis, so users of all backgrounds (and not only "IT people") can quickly get the information they are looking for.

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