15 January 2016

If your goal is to maximize merchandising performance, then you definitely should concentrate your efforts on boosting your merchandisers’ productivity while working in the field. Your merchandising team is the most important productivity engine that provides the overall effectiveness of your company’s marketing strategy.

One of the best ways to increase productivity of your merchandisers is to manage merchandising-related activities using the up-to-date technology and tools. Below you’ll find the examples of how you can maximize your merchandisers’ potential by virtue of mobile technology.  
  1. Go mobile to get real-time data workflow. Empower your merchandisers with up-to-date tablets and smartphones instead of relying on paper or bulky laptops. Paired with an application for merchandisers, mobile devices provide your field team members with 24/7 access to corporate data from anywhere, so they can quickly get customer information, schedule of visits, product catalog, presentations, videos, and even history of orders and returns for each customer. Having all this data literally at their fingertips, your merchandisers can easily make efficient data-driven decisions and stay on top of their productivity.
  2. Use mobile tools to speed up data workflow. With tablets and smartphones all data collection operations become faster, allowing your merchandisers to maximize their effectiveness in the field. Mobile applications for merchandisers provide all the tools for easy data collection, making retail execution a breeze. Automated data-entry, fast numeric keypad, barcode scanning, electronic signatures and real-time data exchange with the office are the excellent means to maximize your merchandisers’ potential. When your merchandisers don’t have to waste time on paperwork and visit the office to get tasks and submit reports, they have more enthusiasm to perform their duties better than ever.
  3. Collaborate globally with Cloud technology. Moving your merchandising operations to the Cloud provides unique opportunities for sales team collaboration worldwide. If you opt for a merchandising software solution that operates in the Cloud, you get the best service availability in different countries and high-speed data exchange. Cloud merchandising solutions boost engagement, encouraging merchandisers to share their results with the rest of the team. Being on the Cloud also makes it possible for merchandisers to capture retail data online and synchronize when Internet connection is available.

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