29 June 2016

Specialty stores and gourmet retailers pose unique challenges when it comes to merchandising. Shoppers know they are paying a premium when shopping at these locations, so they expect higher product presentation standards.

A mobile visual merchandising software can be instrumental when sending out field reps to specialty stores. A state-of-the-art mobile visual merchandising software provides field marketing teams not only the ability to perform in-store activities that include pictures, but also the following:

  • Features in mobile visual merchandising software allow field reps to refer to the custom planogram for each store location without having to sort through mounds of paper, increasing planogram compliance. A recent study from National Association of Retail Marketing Services (NARMS) found that retailers who achieve planogram compliance can realize a 7.8% increase in annual sales.
  • Some mobile visual merchandising software on the market also provide integration with automatic notification tools. These tools allow automatic messages to be sent to stakeholders when a certain task is completed or when a specific location is visited, which means that mission-critical issues such as out-of-stocks or can be dealt with much faster.
  • Because of automated data analysis, mobile visual merchandising software also allows for periodic reporting. This makes it much easier to detect issues such as consistent irregular product condition at a specific key location, so operations can deal with it accordingly.

VisitBasis was designed by merchandisers, for merchandisers. It is a complete mobile visual merchandising software solution that allows you to quickly and easily implement a cost-efficient point-of-sale data collection system with no need for technical knowledge.

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Watch the below video how VisitBasis Mobile Visual Merchandising Software integrates with a chat solution that allows for instant notification of issues such as out-of-stocks, price discrepancies, and irregular product condition:

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