Planogram development and execution is an essential part of merchandising strategy. If your company is not using planograms yet, you should consider the missed opportunities and adopt a system straight away. If you are already using planograms, you can significantly improve retail space planning by implementing a comprehensive retail planogram software solution for compliance checks.

VisitBasis is an all-in-one retail planogram software solution that provides many possibilities for store planogram development and further execution and allows for improved efficiency at the shelf, reducing out-of-stocks and overstocks, and increasing in-store compliance.

Our retail planogram software empowers managers to build and manage more planograms in less time. Field reps can execute planogram checks in-store with the VisitBasis Mobile App for Android and iOS tablets and smartphones, collecting data requested, making photo reports, running price audits and etc.

retail planogram software video

Planogram development and execution is extremely easy with VisitBasis:

  • Easily create planogram check task forms with our simple but powerful Task Builder using MSL (Must Stock List) and product counts.
  • Supplement task templates with text notes, images, PDFs, videos, and other files, useful for compliance-checking activities.
  • Monitor task execution in real time as the planogram checks are being performed. All the data collected in the field is instantly transferred to your corporate database, so managers can control planogram check execution in real time.
  • Aggregate and store planogram compliance data in one place. Since VisitBasis retail planogram software is a Google Cloud implementation, all the data is available 24/7, from anywhere you are.
  • Create analysis reports in just a few clicks. Excel Reports, BigQuery Reports, and Analytics charts and graphs are all available to analyze store data collected during planogram compliance checks.

VisitBasis takes your planograms and retail space planning to the next level by also providing scheduling and monitoring tools, electronic order forms, powerful analytic capabilities, and more, helping you organize all kinds of retail execution activities in your company and making planogram compliance checks a breeze.