1. Visits/Tasks scheduling visits and planning. Managers can plan both visits and tasks from the office app. Field reps can also schedule “unplanned” visits and tasks if they have permissions.
  2. Visit/Tasks Scheduling can be done both visually and in bulk using Excel spreadsheets.
  3. Territory management. Using VisitBasis you can manage field reps territories visually on a map or in bulk.
  4. Order/Return. Fully functional field ordering system with multiple price lists, recommended quantities, MSL etc.
  5. Route optimization. Both available in the office app and mobile app. Field reps love this feature because it allows them to order visits in such a way that their current GPS location is taken into consideration and the “done” visits are pushed to the bottom of the list.
  6. Team management. You can have many teams on one account. Manages can see the data and reports just for their own teams.
  7. Many security roles. For instance field reps cannot access office app. Lowest security ranked office user cannot modify pricelists and product catalogue or add new user.
  8. Safety mechanisms that prevent data corruption. For example, users cannot start task in the future or past. User cannot delete Office planned visits and tasks.
  9. Product catalog with 1000s of SKU and photo and full product info including barcode and custom properties
  10. Product division that link products, user and task as one group. This is great for corporates or agencies that have to merchandising more than one product type or brand. This feature allow to teams to execute many unrelated tasks by the same field reps.
  11. Task builder is way simpler than competitor’s when dealing with hundreds of products. One can build electronic forms in seconds with 1000 SKUs or items. And you can attach multimedia files, pdf, video etc to each task (form). You can clone tasks and use product catalogue when creating the tasks (forms).
  12. VisitBasis mobile App is specifically designed to handle great number of SKUs and barcode scanner to lookup the products.
  13. Customer’s (places) can manage assets, multimedia attachments contact information, Must Stock Lists and multiple pricelists and recommended quantities for order. All this information will be automatically pushed to the mobile devices.
  14. VisitBasis office app has tools to geo validation of addresses in bulk or individually
  15. VisitBasis can handle 50 000 customers (places) with ease.
  16. Because our data structure is the more sophisticated (e.g. Visits contains Tasks than contact Answers, customer info, user info, product info etc.) about 130 fields minimum in total. This makes it possible to run very comprehensive reports very quickly.
  17. With BigQuery technology VisitBasis Simple query reports can filter millions of records less than 3 seconds.
  18. Pay-as-you-go payment model is at least 40% cheaper the competitor. There is no overhead in managing licenses. You can use VisitBasis on demand, per project or on regular basis.
  19. Offline mode is truly support on our Mobile app. One of the biggest mobile app differentiator is replication of the data. Field reps are able to use as many devices as they like all of them will have identical data including photos, attachment pushed to them. This allows them to continue their work they left off with loosing productivity.
  20. VistBasis App is working great in all countries where the Internet connection is not stable e.g. South Arabia, Russia, Kenya, Venezuela.
  21. VisitBasis mobile app has no check-in checkout button. This is as designed as we track all the timing/GPS data behind the scenes achieving maximum precision. By excluding human factor we can prevent fraud.
  22. There are more advantages of VisitBasis because we have unique and very talented engineering team.
  23. Our clients collect 70-100 photos per user per day using VisitBasis mobile app. Challenge is to do the same on the competitor app and switching to another device using the same login details. What will happen?