Today you can start performing retail store audits with ease using just your tablet or smartphone. Most field representatives who perform retail audits already have one of these devices, so you don’t need to spend money on hardware or on a software license. Simply have them download the VisitBasis Retail Execution App with customizable retail audit forms on Google Play or App Store, and start receiving real-time, highly accurate retail audit data.

  1. Retail audit software allows you to organize the schedule of auditor visits for any period of time and improve your field team bottom-line by reducing their time traveling to appointments, planning routes and accessing information.
  2. The implementation of retail audit software means automating retail data collection using mobile devices, minimizing mistakes and avoiding awkward data re-entry.
  3. Retail audit software allows you to communicate clearly with your reps by attaching images, PDFs, videos and multimedia materials to task templates. You can also provide different types of answers for retail audit tasks including photos, text, number, multiple-choice answer, and electronic signature.
  4. Retail audit software virtually eliminates fraudulent check-ins among retail audit teams by allowing supervisors to track and monitor activities performed by each field rep in real time, and by GPS and time-stamping every action.
  5. Finally, retail audit software solutions provide team leaders with the opportunity to receive instant reports and manage operational priorities in real time. The web-based dashboards and reports will help you identify productive employees and perform workflow analysis, allowing informed strategic decisions based on reliable up-to-date data.