Retail audit

Get reliable retail data faster and audit more stores daily. VisitBasis is a free digital tool for auditing stores and retail locations. 

Hundreds of companies, including food brands, brokers, distributors, and BTL and marketing agencies have already boosted their audit speed and rep efficiency by adopting VisitBasis.

Why choose the VisitBasis retail audit platform?

Store audit software VisitBasis

Companies that already mastered retail execution with VisitBasis in-store audit app

How will VisitBasis change my retail audits?

  • Reps use VisitBasis mobile app on their smartphones as an auditing device.
  • Create forms with 16 data types, including photo, barcode, audio, signature, etc., access it at any time on any device using VisitBasis office app.
  • Use GPS tracking and other fraud prevention features to ensure audits were performed at the right place and on time.

Access reports in your account and share audit results in PDF or Excel formats right after a visit is finished.

  • Create custom dashboards and report templates to share with colleagues and management.

Produce charts with share of shelf, out-of-stocks and product availability, track and analyze fluctuations over time.

See how VisitBasis retail audit software can benefit your business

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