Consistent retail execution is the first step in order to stay competitive in a consumer­driven market. Field marketing, for most companies, includes coordinating large field sales teams who are constantly on the go, and working with big amount of marketing data from customers and field reps.

Field marketing managers constantly face a great number of challenges including weak feedback, slow data workflow, significant time gaps between field marketing events and appropriate company actions, data errors and lost paperwork, fraudulent reports, and so on.

How can field marketing activities be optimized?

In today’s fast­paced world, field marketing software allows companies to manage field teams from anywhere. The VisitBasis field marketing software solution is designed to give businesses a complete insight into stores to maximize compliance at the retail level.

The use of field marketing software on the standard mobile devices field reps are used to allows field team managers to effectively organize and monitor reps on the go.

What are the benefits of implementing marketing automation solutions?

By using field marketing software for retail execution you can:

  • Maximize in-store time – mobile data collection, paperwork elimination, and route optimization
  • Ensure compliance with your retail execution plans – scheduling of recurring visits, territory management, dashboards and analytic reports
  • Get real-time information for actionable insights – time­stamped data, GPS monitoring and mapping of field reps.

Implementing a field marketing software solution gives companies the opportunity to improve customer service and ensure retail compliance at stores. The VisitBasis field marketing software solution is fast to deploy and easy to use. Our field marketing software allows you to plan, monitor, control and analyze field marketing events in a new innovative way, making retail visits more effective.