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Managing many rep schedules simultaneously can be cumbersome, but VisitBasis makes it simple to be in control of teams and their tasks. Use schedules, assignments and tickets to create hundreds of visits in just a few clicks or make plans for each rep, individually. Make use of Smart Places to better distinguish between chains and retail locations. 

Mobile agents can easily access their planned visits on the VisitBasis mobile app. Each visit in their calendar will show the exact location on the map, calculate the proximity to it and provide details about scheduled tasks. Reps won’t wonder which place to visit first – our system will automatically work out ultimate route for them.

How it works:

Often, during a visit, mobile reps are required to complete a few tasks in the same location. That is why we introduced Assignments, which can consist of one or multiple surveys for your agents to complete. VisitBasis helps your managers save their precious time and speed up workflow management.

Keeping track of your reps’ timetables can be a very daunting job. Luckily, VisitBasis Schedules allows users to effectively manage and schedule hundreds of visits in just a few clicks. Create a timetable of visits using Excel table and then import it into the VisitBasis system.

Quickly address small tasks and one-off issues with our ticketing system. Create a ticket as an addition to a completed report, or individual ticket for small tasks and improve your reps’ efficiency.

Boost your manager productivity by allowing them to plan visits to retail locations for individuals or teams of reps in one click. Use VisitBasis’ extra convenient tool for planning visits to retail locations and save time versus scheduling each visit manually.

Never miss an opportunity to get more valuable data with our Unplanned Reports option. Allow your reps to submit reports outside of their schedule.

Ensure all visits are done at the right location. Our system captures live GPS coordinates and timestamp at the start of a rep’s visit. Don’t let fake analytics affect your business performance. 

Divide your reps into sub-groups and assign tasks to them based on special characteristics.

Use metadata to add additional properties to each Place; create segments to help you better distinguish between different locations. If you have certain locations with recurring tasks or an assortment requiring regular audits, you can link surveys and product lists to Places.

Give your mobile agents a greater degree of control by allowing them to schedule their own visits right from a mobile device.

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