Photo reports

Access real in-store images of your products at any time

Gain trustworthy and accurate insights into product presentation at any store. Create surveys with photo answers and take pictures while on a visit using the VisitBasis mobile app. All images will be automatically linked to a visit report and can be accessed in your VisitBasis account at any time.

Long gone are the days of emailing and messaging in-store images – VisitBasis collects, stores and organize report photos in one place. Retrieve pictures whenever needed using our searchable gallery, share PDFs of reports and individual images.

How it works:

Build surveys with photo questions using our Form Builder tool. There is no limit on the number of photo questions within a survey and they can be placed along with other questions in your form, which significantly simplifies the form creation process and saves time for managers and mobile reps. 

Our photo capture settings offer three options: to upload a live photo, an image from the rep’s gallery or from either one of these sources. This way, you can rest assured that the images you see in a report have been submitted exactly the way they were supposed to.

Photo capture only requires reps to install our VisitBasis mobile app on their Android or iOS devices. Your front line agents can begin taking in-store photos right after they log in to their VisitBasis account.

Every picture your reps take will be securely stored on the Cloud instead of in a mobile device, allowing to save storage space for them and ensuring security of information for your business.

The VisitBasis system features special fake photo detection technology, which determines and indicates if a photo has been submitted using fraudulent software.

Never miss new reports from your mobile reps by enabling our email notification feature. This way, you will always receive automated email notification along with a PDF report and any images.

Right after mobile reps submit photo reports you will be able to view them in your VisitBasis account using any device – whether it is a PC, a smartphone or a tablet. There, you can view separate images and comprehensive photo reports. If a report requires editing, you can easily make changes to it right from the browser.

Help your reps improve the quality of reports by leaving comments and scoring submitted photographs and other elements. Once you are satisfied with the outcome of their work, you can close the report and let your reps know.

Download or share photo reports and individual images. Images from your photo gallery can be shared using an accessible link or downloaded in PDF format.

You can easily assign tasks for your front line agents when browsing photo reports using the VisitBasis quick ticket creation option. If, when browsing images, you have a comment to pass on to your rep or even a one-off task to assign, simply create a ticket right from the photo section.

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