Assign actions


Set tasks for agents to complete

Assign one-off tasks to field agents and quickly address even the smallest issues with tickets. Add priority statuses for tasks and establish deadlines for field reps.

Prevent fraud by setting up geofencing

Set a “GPS required” flag to prevent agents from sending reports if they are too far from the assigned place.


Assign group projects

Organize the group work of your field agents and allocate them into teams by assigning group tasks. Receive reports on rep progress, exchange comments, and communicate with other teammates to establish better communication on all levels.

Create tasks with multiple forms

Often field agents need to fill in multiple forms in order to complete a visit – combine them under one task to prevent agents from skipping audit forms and doing half of their jobs.


Set a deadline for your task

Create and add milestones to tasks to let your field teams clearly know due-by dates.

Link tasks to retail locations

Link a task to a specific store if you need your field agents to carry out the work at the respective place.


Change the status of a task depending on progress

Add and customize statuses for tasks based on stages of progress.

Get task reports

Receive instant reports in PDF format as soon as field reps complete tasks assigned to them. Export reports in CSV, Excel, or PDF, depending on your needs.


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