Field marketing

Automate field marketing activities and keep a close eye on what’s going on in retail stores.

VisitBasis platform for field marketing has already helped hundreds of CPG manufacturers, BTL marketing agencies and distributors improve brand compliance in stores and outscore their competition.

Free for teams up to 10 users

VisitBasis system for field marketing addresses 5 most common obstacles:

In-store activities on a smartphone: reps can use their personal mobile devices as audit forms, complete all tasks, take photos, record audio, scan barcodes and more in one app and do work both online and offline.

Get a full view: gather 16 types of data for each of your products, using product-based forms, and stay in full control of retail locations even from afar.

Prevent human error: take advantage of built-in fraud prevention features, such as TrueTime, Fake photo detection and Visit validation, that ensure reps provide true and up-to-date information.

Process data quicker: View field marketing reports in VisitBasis office app rights after a visit has been completed, download and share in PDF or Excel formats.

Analyze to optimize: track reps’ performance with integral team performance statistics, score collected reports to improve data collection, analyze forms and build visualizations using VisitBasis x Google Data Studio integration.

Here’s what our clients say about VisitBasis app for field marketing

Wes Holston 

Field marketing manager

“VisitBasis is super efficient for our retail operations and I would definitely recommend it to every business in retail. Our company has been using their app for field marketing for over 3 years and it completely changed retail strategy implementation for our business. The system was easy to integrate, as VisitBasis specialists kindly assisted us with the whole setup process, and, ever since then, there have been no issues with the system’s operation. We gave up paper forms completely in favour of VisitBasis product-based electronic form. Today, we managed to achieve a tremendous increase in data accuracy and validity – monitoring all retail stores has gotten way easier! Thank you, VisitBasis!”

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