Build workflows

Assign roles to your teams and avoid miscommunication. Our system will use the selected role to give appropriate access and responsibilities to a user.

Set up admin control with object-based permissions

In our system, objects are the elements you work with – audit forms, places, field agent timetables, visits, reports, etc. Each object has its owner/ a user that created it, and followers/ users that have access to such an object.

Set apart work of field teams by allocating assignees to tasks

On VisitBasis, assignees are the users responsible for completing a task allocated to them. Appoint field agents as assignees on a task and give supervisors access to audit forms and assignments. Effectively manage different teams and set apart their work within the VisitBasis system.


Prevent unwanted changes to data with owner access

When a user creates an object inside the VisitBasis system, they automatically become the owner of that object and can edit, delete or share it with other users. With this system, you prevent unwanted changes on your company data due to accidental mistakes by other users. An owner can always pass their ownership rights to other users, if needed.

Give access to stores, forms, schedules and tasks

Assign your field agent as a follower to objects, such as retail locations, audit forms, schedules, tasks, and let them browse and view these objects. Followers can access audit forms and complete reports, but are unable to make changes to it.


Allow field agents to edit reports, forms and other objects

Give access to field agents to edit reports and other objects by giving them Follower-Editor status. A user with Follower-Editor access has full access rights to an object they are assigned to – they can view, modify and delete only the objects where they were appointed as a Follower-Editor.

Give full control over data in VisitBasis account to admins

Give full control to managers by appointing them as admins. Admins have full control over all objects within VisitBasis and can be used for employees with managerial positions. Allocate admin rights to users that can add, modify and delete tasks, places, schedules, audit forms and other objects.


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