Retail Merchandising Software for Planogram Compliance Checks

A step-by-step guide to setting up streamlined planogram compliance checks with VisitBasis merchandising software.

VisitBasis is an end-to-end retail merchandising software that allows management to setup planogram compliance checks as simple or as comprehensive as needed. In this article, we will outline the steps for creating and reporting on in-store planogram compliance checks.


In order to prepare for planogram compliance checks, you might have to update the must-stock list (MSL) of SKUs for each one of the locations. On VisitBasis, you can easily do this in bulk by either uploading spreadsheets with this information or you can have a reference (or parent) must-stock lists set up as a property for each location. You can see how to do these in our tutorial video on planogram compliance checks located here. You might also want to prepare for this setup process by holding a brainstorming session with your group on which type of information you need to gather from the planogram compliance checks.

Create Task Template

This is where you will "tell" the merchandising software what information needs to be gathered - this is your planogram compliance checklist, literally. On VisitBasis, go to the Task Templates tab and follow the steps in order to create your custom template. Don't forget to specify whether the task applies to any specific SKU or to all products in the location's MSL in the Items section. If, however, you are targeting a product category or brand in your planogram compliance check, such as in visual audits, you do not need to check any boxes in the Items section. To see in detail how to create a merchandising task template, check out this video.

Schedule Visits and Tasks, or let merchandisers schedule themselves

VisitBasis merchandising software allows your business to schedule store visits for your field reps on the Office App as well as lets them schedule the visits themselves on the Mobile App. If your company schedules the store visits, VisitBasis makes it easy for you to perform it in bulk. For instance, you can set and plan visits to multiple locations at a time for all the reps assigned to such locations on the Schedule by Location window. You can also upload schedules tables, complete with tasks, by following the instructions on this video. On the other hand, if your reps make their own routes, you can also be sure that they will perform all the tasks they are supposed to by setting up pre-selected tasks at each location. This video shows how to set up pre-selected tasks in detail.

Gather data

If the previous steps were performed correctly, gathering store data should the easiest part of planogram compliance checks on VisitBasis. Depending on how you set up your tasks, your reps can answer questions on product availability, positioning, pricing, or category display, for instance, then they will close the visits. Every question they answer will have a time and GPS stamp attached to it, meaning that you can be reassured that the check was performed at the right place and time. Once visits are closed, you have the data ready for reporting.


As a merchandising software, VisitBasis allows you to generate several types of reports, including visit stat reports, rep activity reports, timesheet reports, photo reports, and, naturally, task reports. Task reports are the ones that you will run to visualize the data on your planogram compliance checks. You can generate spreadsheet-based task reports on the VisitBasis Reports tab. In this same tab, you will also find a link to VisitBasis Analytics, which is a visual tool for generating task reports. Check out the below videos on different VisitBasis merchandising reports:
Reporting on shelf condition
Minimizing out-of-stocks
Approving and rejecting photos directly on VisitBasis reports
Complete retail planogram compliance check process on VisitBasis
Using VisitBasis Analytics

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