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Produce real-life market insights, while making more visits per day with AI powered technology able to capture products on images

Boost the speed of your mobile agents with the VisitBasis product image recognition technology. Our system automatically extracts face count, share of shelf, competitor brands and more from in-store images. 

After thorough image scanning, VisitBasis stores the collected raw data and allows users to produce reports with shelf analysis. Empower your agents with product image recognition and conduct store analysis at least twice as fast as before.

How it works:

VisitBasis’ special AI technology BrandML empowers mobile agents to make more visits per day and significantly reduces the time it takes for them to collect field data. We train our models to precisely detect products on real-life images from stores. Brand ML uses Artificial Intelligence to identify products and, then, conducts accurate shelf analysis in less than 2 seconds.

Once your Brand ML feature has been enabled, reps only need a mobile device with the VisitBasis app to capture valuable market data for your business. All your agents need to do is to simply take a photo using their device’s camera.

Let our machine learning algorithms do all the calculations for you and receive accurate and precise shelf analysis, including product availability, face count, share of shelf, competitor products, etc.

After our system’s thorough analysis, your product image recognition data is securely stored in your VisitBasis account, which you can easily access via PC, smartphone or tablet.

As your reps take shelf photos, all of the collected data gets automatically aggregated in our Simple Reports tool. Use Simple Reports to view statistics, face count, share of shelf, competitor analysis results and other data from BrandML reports. You can adjust parameters to further customize your BrandML report.

You can download your BrandML report as PDF, CSV or Excel file, share it with your colleagues via email, accessible link, or invite them to view and edit your BrandML dashboard – even if they do not use VisitBasis.

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