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Get reliable retail data faster and audit more stores daily

Retail audit custom forms

Create fully customizable forms

Add questions and customize your forms to collect all types of data you need. Use our simple and intuitive Form Builder tool to easily add questions one by one or swiftly upload whole forms by copying/pasting from Excel or Google Sheets. Add question description to provide extra info for agents and use response validation to prevent human errors.

Select the type of data you expect to receive

Use our structured questions – multiple choice, drop-downs, and checkboxes to allow reps to select one or more answers from a list of given options.

Retail audits:data types
Retail audits multiple answers

Create questions with multiple answers options

Use our structured questions – multiple choice, drop-downs and checkboxes to allow reps to select an answer from a list of given options. 

Add sections and conditional logic

Add multiple sections to your forms if you need to separate questions into categories. Link answer options to the related section for agents to save time and skip irrelevant questions.

Retail audit conditional logic

Grant access to the appropriate reps

Create forms and grant access only to the appropriate agents to avoid mix ups – only assigned users will be able to access the form.

Link audit forms to places

Link forms to retail locations and the system will automatically display them for the appropriate reps when they arrive at the store. It’s a great way to avoid confusion and simplify your agents’ work.

Retail audit reports

Have instant access to retail audit reports

The VisitBasis system automatically synchronizes data once a report has been submitted by your agent. Have instant access to reports in your company’s account, download reports in Excel format, view and share PDF reports and photos.

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