Discover new possibilities in online reporting, data collection and team management.

1. Customize reports and dashboards for executives and clients

Create custom reports and analyze data using VisitBasis x Google Data Studio integration. Build and customize report templates and dashboards specifically for each of your clients, conduct thorough analysis on completed work. You can share private access to each custom report for a client or download it in a convenient format.

2. Built-in dashboards to monitor reps’ performance

Watch how your agents progress with scheduled tasks via four in-build dashboards – Timesheets, Report statistics, Team and User statistics. VisitBasis Premium plan grants you access to performance analytics of your field teams – see time spent on work, number of reports completed and other performance metrics, compare performance KPIs between individual agents and teams.

3. Access to Premium features for convenient data collection 

Premium plan allows you to add more Premium features – Audit & Inspection, Merchandising, Schedule and brands image recognition BrandML. Our Premium features are aimed at visit planning facilitation, ease of data collection and greater accuracy of collected information. 

Benefits of VisitBasis Premium plan

Create custom report templates and build interactive dashboards for each client using our integration with Google Data Studio. Produce visualizations and conduct a thorough analysis of completed work.

Create simple or product-based forms, make use of our form sections with conditional logic and improve the quality of collected data. 

Under a Premium plan, you can add as many places as your company might need. Manage, add/delete or even update these retail locations through your account in the VisitBasis office app. The system also allows you to add/update places in bulk.

Link forms and product matrices to places. This way, field teams will automatically access correct forms at retail locations, and managers will be able to control items among stores better.

Monitor performance of your field teams, using built-in performance dashboards – Timesheets, Report statistics, Team and User statistics.

Create timetables of visits for your field teams. Agents will be able to see visits planned for them in the VisitBasis mobile app. Our system allows you to automatically schedule recurring visits to ensure simplified planning for upcoming weeks and months.

Create one-off tasks for users or groups of users. If a task has a deadline or milestones, you can create and link Milestones to a ticket to ensure agents complete work on time.

Take advantage of our Image recognition technology – all your agents need to do is take a photo of a store shelf, VisitBasis will analyze the image in seconds and calculate share of shelf, product availability, out-of-stocks, etc.

Add an unlimited number of users to your VisitBasis account and effortlessly manage the number of users from the office app. The system will accurately calculate the time each user spent on work within our app and bill you accordingly.

Split users into teams and manage their access levels for more effective work within the VisitBasis system.

Field agents can send a request to join your company on VisitBasis – all they need is your company’s ID.

Send invitations to multiple users simultaneously in just a few clicks. You will only need their email address and name to send an invite.

All objects within the VisitBasis system are based on the principle of Owners and Followers. This way, you can manage access permissions for users within your organization’s account with VisitBasis and ensure that only the responsible team members can access these objects.

Integrate VisitBasis with any of your in-house systems to keep your databases and handbooks automatically updating.