Control data flow between in-house systems and VisitBasis

Manual data transfer is time-consuming and impractical – connect VisitBasis microservice REST/gRPC API and send/retrieve data with no effort. The VisitBasis API allows to smoothly exchange places, users, products, visits and other types of data with your in-house systems.

VisitBasis is the only API-driven system, which means you can build and integrate your own system interface.

Facilitate a smooth exchange of place information between your in-house systems and VisitBasis. Your list of places will automatically synchronize with our system and will always be kept up-to-date.

Keep your account’s user information relevant at all times. Facilitate a smooth exchange of user list information between your in-house systems and VisitBasis.

If you keep your agents’ timetables in-house, you can easily transfer them into VisitBasis. With our API integration, VisitBasis will take care of all data transfer and maintenance.

Get all reports in-house system.

Save all captured in-stores images in-house system.

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