Retail execution app

Retail execution app

Why Do Small Agencies Need a Retail Execution App

Small and medium marketing agencies are essential to CPG manufacturers and distributors. They are the ones who audit merchandising and promotions at local retailers, in addition to implementing direct advertising to customers as well as other activities.

Many small marketing agencies, however, still rely on obsolete data collection methods that might include text messages, online spreadsheets, and even paper forms. But large CPG companies are increasingly requiring their partners to adopt retail execution app technology so they can have easy and fast access to the data collected at stores.

With a retail execution app, marketing agencies are able to:

  • Create custom forms that will be filled in by reps on their mobile devices to capture quantifiable data as well as capture photos.
  • Tailor forms to attend to the requirements of their large CPG clients.
  • Automatically tag every activity to the store where it was performed.
  • Share with stakeholders online dashboards that display real-time data.
  • Manage retail execution for several clients using just one software solution.

When looking into implementing a retail execution app, marketing and merchandising agencies have some options on the market, but few of these options offer a free fully-functioning trial that allows for fully exploring advanced software options, such as importing store SKU lists and accessing APIs (for integration with CRM or other ERP) and data connectors for visualization tools (such as Google Looker). 

VisitBasis is one of the few software providers that provide a fully-functioning 30-day free trial of its retail execution app with an unlimited number of users, stores, forms, and tasks, allowing for real-life software testing. VisitBasis also allows for the customization of its mobile app with the agency logo, giving small and medium businesses a corporate feel.

You can find more information about the VisitBasis retail execution app at, where you can also sign up for the 30-day free trial.