Prevent fraudulent check-ins by implementing store audit solutions

One of the main issues that merchandising team managers face is fraudulent check-ins. The traditional high turnover rates of merchandisers – which undermine trust among work relationships – along with the fact that virtually 100% of their work is done without any supervision, builds the perfect scenario that leads to merchandisers reporting on activities at a certain location when they are actually somewhere else.

With the advent of mobile technologies, merchandisers have recently been able to fill in forms and checklists through an app on their smartphones and tablets with the assistance of store audit solutions. However, this still did not address the issue of fraudulent check-ins.

Recently, though, several complete store audit solutions were developed, allowing merchandisers not only to fill forms electronically but also to be tracked via GPS on their daily routes.

Store audit solutions allow for a streamlined store inspection process, from form creation and visit scheduling and planning, all the way to reporting. With store audit solutions, every in-store activity is GPS and time stamped, what gives managers the certainty that there were no fraudulent check-ins within their teams.

VisitBasis is a store audit solution that provides all of the above tools in an easy-to-use package. The VisitBasis store audit solution is available for free at Apple’s App Store and Google Play, and managers can access the VisitBasis Office interface from any desktop or laptop browser.

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