Simplify retail planogram checks with an app for retail executions

Retail planogram checklists can be complex for all those involved with the process: From the managers setting up individual store distribution lists to merchandisers filling in information on extensive forms for several products at a time.

Having an app for retail executions such as VisitBasis can greatly simplify the retail planogram checklist process. VisitBasis was developed by merchandising executives who thoroughly understand the specifics of store audits and therefore provides a comprehensive retail planogram checklist platform.

VisitBasis features include the following:

Custom task builder

Retail planogram checklists can become quite long and complex. VisitBasis app for retail executions allows managers to customize checklists with different answer types for each question, as well as provide single- and multiple-choice answers, as well as attach sample planograms and instructions to tasks so reps and merchandisers have all they need to complete their work right on their mobile device.

Custom store or chain-specific product distribution lists

VisitBasis allows managers to configure which products are available at each store or chain, resulting in retail planogram checklists that apply only to the products available at each store. Along with a barcode search feature, the app for retail executions greatly reduces input errors by merchandising reps.

Protection against fraudulent check-ins

VisitBasis app for retail executions provides GPS verification of all store visits and tasks, so managers can be sure that the planogram audit was performed at the appropriate location.

Real-time access to incoming data

Retail planogram checklists can detect mission-critical issues, such as out-of-stocks and damaged promotional displays. With VisitBasis, managers have instant access to visit and task data via the office app for retail executions as soon as reps sync the app, so not only can they address any mission-critical issues but also generate real-time reports.

Want to see how VisitBasis app for retail executions can help your business streamline retail planogram checklists? 

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