Data capture

Retail audit platform tackles field force tracking and data collection

Mobile technology brought with it the ability to capture data with smartphones and tablets as well as GPS tracking of such devices. It was just a matter of time until retail audit platforms with field force tracking and data collection features started to be developed. But what are the biggest advantages of these types of software?

Retail audit app: a key to planogram compliance

Implementing a retail audit app will provide a sure way to produce effective planogram compliance operations. With a retail audit app, brand and category managers are able to set up country-wide, or even worldwide, retail audit operations right from their offices.

Monitoring your products at store level with retail audit tool for merchandisers

Managing a consumer product category requires a great deal of planning and organization. Retail channels mean scattered points-of-sale, different shopper profiles, and a lot of information to be processed in order to get not only key performance indicators but also customer behavior insights. That is why retail audit tool adoption has taken off among manufacturers, distributors, and sales and marketing agencies: Right from the get-go, it eliminates clumsy paperwork and inefficient data transcription.

How to use retail auditing app and eliminate data transcription

Mobile technology has brought relief to merchandising manager: With a retail auditing app, field reps and auditors can fill in forms and checklists on their mobile devices and the data is then, upon synchronizing, transferred to the Cloud, where it can then be accessed for monitoring and reporting purposes.

Quicker store audit reports with merchandisers’ mobile app

Store audits are a must-have in any retail business. Many aspects of the store might have to be checked on a regular basis, from merchandising to adherence to corporate standards and safety, so it is mandatory for management to have an efficient auditing system in place. While the inefficiency of traditional store audit checklists is the main reason for the success of merchandisers’ mobile app solutions, their reporting capabilities are why their use have become so quickly widespread.

Simplify retail planogram checks with an app for retail executions

Retail planogram checklists can be complex for all those involved with the process: From the managers setting up individual store distribution lists to merchandisers filling in information on extensive forms for several products at a time. Having an app for retail executions such as VisitBasis can greatly simplify the retail planogram checklist process.

3 ways how retail audit software can increase accuracy of store audits

Retail store audits are unavoidable. Besides allowing management to verify compliance with corporate standards, audits are a part of preventive control record-keeping requirements and also a way to safeguard businesses against lawsuits. Retail audit software brings many benefits to businesses.

Efficient forms with store audit solution

Mobile forms for retail through SaaS, cloud-based retail audit systems solve many issues with in-store merchandising and shelf audits and also provide basically up-to-the-minute reporting.  

Improve in-store customer experience with field marketing system

A field marketing system allows reps, store personnel, and retail auditors to capture data on their smartphones and tablets. The information is then stored in the Cloud, where managers can run reports and follow in real time what is going on with their brands or territories.