Facings in merchandising

Facings in merchandising – the main tool for successful sales!

Faceting in merchandising is the art of proper product display, which directly affects the attractiveness of the store for customers and sales volume. However, achieving perfect merchandising requires not only the talent of a designer, but also advanced technology such as the BrandML neural network and the VisitBasis app! 

🔹 BrandML is an innovative neural network designed specifically for analyzing and optimizing faceting in merchandising. With its unique ability to recognize images and analyze data, BrandML provides accurate information about product distribution on shelves, visibility and shopper appeal.

🔹 VisitBasis is an indispensable tool for managing phasing and monitoring key metrics in real time. The combined use of BrandML and VisitBasis will allow you to optimize product presentation, improve conversion rates and increase the overall efficiency of the sales process.

Striving for perfect faceting and maximum sales results? Then BrandML neural network and VisitBasis app is your reliable solution! Integrate advanced technologies into your business and give it a competitive edge in the market

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