VisitBasis application for marketers

Interested in effective tools for managing your marketing tasks? Introducing VisitBasis app – the perfect solution for professional marketers!

With VisitBasis you can easily create questionnaires for data collection. Thanks to the user-friendly interface you can quickly customize questions and answers (16 types of answers with different settings), and instantly receive reports collected by your agents.

But that’s not all! VisitBasis application allows you not only to collect data, but also to analyze it. You’ll have access to full analytics and reports to help you make informed decisions based on facts. You can either use pre-made report templates and Excel uploads or create your own reports.

Why do apps for marketers make their work so efficient? It’s primarily due to the ability to create and automate processes. With the help of an app, marketers can quickly create and adapt campaigns, manage content, analyze collected data and much more – all in one place!

Not to forget the ability to effectively interact with colleagues and clients. Apps for marketers enable teamwork, quick information sharing and project management, making collaboration efficient and productive.

In addition, VisitBasis provides task tracking for your agents. You will be able to track their routes, control their arrival time to customers, and optimize routes for more efficient task completion.

Don’t waste time on routine operations – entrust all the organization and control of marketing tasks to VisitBasis application and focus on strategically important aspects of your business!

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