Empower reps with software for auditing

High rep turnover in merchandising field teams is seen as a chronic, inevitable situation in the industry. Reps come and go due to many reasons that can include unreasonable expectations concerning hours and amount of work, lack of experience, poor performance, fraudulent check-ins and reports, among others.

By implementing software for auditing, rep turnover can be reduced since the following issues are addressed:

Fraudulent check-ins and reports

Software for auditing has been specifically developed for field teams and managers. It adds time and GPS stamps to every activity performed by a rep so it becomes virtually impossible for fraudulent check-ins and/or reports to happen in the first place.

Elimination of off-site, after-hours reporting

With software for auditing, as soon as reps close their store visits, information from their brand/ product audit forms and checklists is sent to the Cloud, which means that off-site, after-hours reporting is basically eliminated thus reducing rep complaints and the feeling of unfairness due to unpaid work.

Poor rep performance

Merchandising rep is mostly seen as an entry-level position. However, it takes experience to be able to notice when things are not within brand or corporate standards and to report them properly to management. Software for auditing allows managers to create an unlimited number of custom ad-hoc forms, so reps can more easily identify what should be reported.

To summarize, software for auditing for field teams can help create a culture of accountability that helps prevent high turnover.

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