VisitBasis application for marketers

Interested in effective tools for managing your marketing tasks? Introducing VisitBasis app – the perfect solution for professional marketers! With VisitBasis you can easily create questionnaires for data collection. Thanks to the user-friendly interface you can quickly customize questions and answers (16 types of answers with different settings), and instantly receive reports collected by your …

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VisitBasis supervisor program

VisitBasis supervisor program

For all supervisors striving for maximum efficiency, we present VisitBasis – your ideal tool for monitoring and analyzing task performance! VisitBasis provides a unique opportunity to monitor the quality and efficiency of your team in real time. Thanks to this program you will be able to track the completion of tasks, control the timing and …

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Innovation in merchandising: how modern technology is changing the game!

Today we are on the threshold of a new era in the world of merchandising, thanks to modern technology. One of the main tools that will revolutionize the work of merchandisers is the VisitBasis solution. VisitBasis is an innovative platform that helps to optimize merchandising processes and increase team efficiency. Thanks to this solution, merchandising …

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retail store visit best practices

Retail store visit best practices

In the dynamic world of retail, ensuring that your brand presence and product displays are up to par is critical for business success. One of the key elements of achieving this is scheduling regular retail store visits. Whether you are managing your own brand’s stores or working with retailers as a merchandiser, the art of …

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Planning retail visits

Planning retail visits

Planning Retail Visits on Merchandising Apps Can Be Easy ‌In today’s fast-paced retail landscape, staying ahead of the competition and delivering exceptional customer experiences are paramount. One way CPG manufacturers and retailers achieve this is by ensuring their shelves are always well-stocked, organized, and visually appealing. This is where merchandising plays a crucial role. Planning …

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How retail audit application solves the issue of delayed reporting

Performing regular retail audits are a necessity for any business with a retail footprint, from CPG manufacturers monitoring brand compliance to convenience stores verifying safety checklists. However, due to delayed reporting, red flags in retail audits can sometimes take a long time to reach the appropriate decision-maker and will easily snowball.

Empower reps with software for auditing

High rep turnover in merchandising field teams is seen as a chronic, inevitable situation in the industry. Reps come and go due to many reasons that can include unreasonable expectations concerning hours and amount of work, lack of experience, poor performance, fraudulent check-ins and reports, among others.