Innovation in merchandising: how modern technology is changing the game!

Today we are on the threshold of a new era in the world of merchandising, thanks to modern technology. One of the main tools that will revolutionize the work of merchandisers is the VisitBasis solution.

VisitBasis is an innovative platform that helps to optimize merchandising processes and increase team efficiency. Thanks to this solution, merchandising agencies are able to manage and monitor tasks, as well as instantly share information with colleagues and clients. VisitBasis will prevent merchandisers from falsifying data and will monitor their movement and time on point, route them for optimal store visits and motivate them to work harder.

BrandML neural network allows you to get various data from a photo, for example, you can entrust the neural network to calculate the shelf share from a photo, which will significantly increase both the accuracy of data and reduce the load on the staff. 

By improving the quality and control of merchandisers’ tasks, sales at the outlets will also increase. By optimizing the agent’s route, the user will be able to visit more outlets during his working day. With online tracking and alerting systems, you can respond immediately to business-critical issues such as OOS and equipment breakdowns.

Clearly, VisitBasis is changing the game in the merchandising world. It not only improves efficiency and quality, but also makes processes transparent and manageable. With this solution, managers can react quickly to changes in retail outlets, optimize their teams and reach new heights in their operations.

Turn the latest technologies into reality and become a leader in the world of merchandising with VisitBasis!

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