Retail audit platform tackles field force tracking and data collection

Being able to track a field force has been a part of every manager’s dream. Not because all managers are controlling or “helicopter-type” but because, by not properly knowing the activities of their outside employees, they could be missing on effective mentoring opportunities and having a higher turnover rate than needed.

Mobile technology brought with it the ability to capture data with smartphones and tablets as well as GPS tracking of such devices. It was just a matter of time until retail audit platforms with field force tracking and data collection features started to be developed. But what are the biggest advantages of these types of software?

No after-hours reporting

Reporting is one of the activities most dreaded by field reps: it requires them to work beyond customer or outlet visits, digging into their personal time. With help of a retail audit platform, reps can report their activities while performing visits, completely doing away with after-hours reporting.

Instant access to captured data

Mobile technology means any data collected by the app will be uploaded to the Cloud upon synchronization. This means that managers no longer have to wait for data transcription to generate their reports.

Increased in-task time

Beyond simplifying the reporting process, retail audit platforms also allow for optimized visit scheduling and routing, reducing the time reps spend traveling and therefore increasing their in-task time.

Improved compliance and communication

One of the main reasons for high turnover in-field teams is the lack of compliance. A retail audit platform can help managers clarify their message on what is expected from reps by allowing them to create custom task forms and checklists as well as creating a culture of accountability with GPS verification of visits.

VisitBasis is a retail audit platform with field force tracking and data collection features that is cost-effective and easy to implement, making it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes.

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