Image Recognition technology for field activities

Real-life market insights and product shelf analysis from mobile reps delivered to you with just one camera shot by our Image Recognition technology Brand ML.

Performance benefits of using Image Recognition in field data collection:

  • Audit stores 2x faster
  • Forget paperwork, go digital
  • Precise shelf analysis in one tap
  • Better insights and better decisions

Audit stores 2x faster

Brand ML empowers our clients to make more store visits and cut down visit times by two times. Reps can now spend less time in stores and collect even more data than before. We integrated machine learning algorithms, which identify any brand or product on photographs in just 2.5 seconds

Forget paperwork, go digital 

Gone are the days of manual product entries – capture the data with your smartphone or tablet camera. Brand ML automatically identifies products on shelf, conducts shelf analysis and instantly transfers data into your VisitBasis account. 

Precise shelf analysis in one tap 

Our system does all the hard work for you – identifies product availability, extracts face count, calculates share of shelf, detects competitor products and so on. Allow us to conduct 98.9% accurate shelf analysis and then create visualizations, detailed reports and share analytics. 

Better insights mean better decisions

See exactly how your products are represented at retail stores, compare with competitor brands and gain an advantage. Access real store images uploaded with Brand ML in your VisitBasis account and have a clear picture of the market.

Here is how Brand ML works:

Mobile rep captures shelf photo in store

Machine Learning algorithms detect and identify products

We analyze and produce reports

To find out more about VisitBasis Image Recognition technology, please refer to Brand ML Quickstart or watch it on Youtube.

Free for teams up to 10 users