4 benefits of VisitBasis app for Marketing Agencies

We understand that, as an agency, you probably spend a lot of time preparing reports you’re your clients. Automate your company’s reporting with VisitBasis and focus on what’s more important – data analysis and recommendations. Achieve the most outstanding results for your clients!

Wondering how VisitBasis can be of help to your company?

We help find more hours in a day to think

Building charts and complex tables is daunting and takes up a lot of time. But the worst thing about it is that without a prior correct and thorough analysis, it is entirely pointless. Automate your data transfer and visualization with VisitBasis. Focus on what brings actual results – analysis and recommendations that work, while we take care of data transfer for you!

We help bring more customers who wouldn’t want to leave

Can data and charts help you acquire and retain customers? Probably not, but a good marketing report indeed can! Use our automatically updating dashboards and custom reports to cheer your clients that things are moving in the right direction. There isn’t a better argument (for your clients to stay with you) than feeling like everything is under control.

Our tools can help you stand out from the crowd

Who wouldn’t want to impress clients and beat competitors with an added convenience and ease of access to the information? VisitBasis provides you with a simple key to data – visualized reports and dashboards or even raw data, in case your project requires you to dig deeper.

We turn data into a liquid

What is the main property of liquid? Right, it can be poured into any container or take any shape. We like to think similarly about your data. VisitBasis allows you to transfer your marketing data to your most beloved platforms of creation, storage and visualization of reports. There wouldn’t be any obstacles if you used the tools and programs you like most!

Free for teams up to 10 users